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Now that 2024 is upon us, many of us are thinking about how to make this year “our year”. And for the magically inclined, we are turning our attention to the moon and stars to guide us through the excitement and uncertainty that comes with a new year.

When a new year comes along, we often reach toward a new planner to help us keep track of things and try to convince ourselves that “this is the year I become a planner person!”.

I’ve certainly invested an embarrassing amount of money on planners, stickers, markers, and pens in an effort to get more organized but never lasted more than a couple of months with the hot new planner of the year.

But there is a type of planner I’ve been able to find immense value in, whether or not I use it to keep track of my appointments, and it’s an astrology planner.

What is an Astrology Planner?

An astrology planner is really a match made in the cosmos because astrology is essentially a way to track and understand time, while a planner is a way to track and create time efficiencies.

An astrology planner will show you what day astrological events will occur. It will typically show you things like moon phases and the movements of the planets. That way you know things like when New Moons happen and what sign they happen in or that Venus will make an aspect to Saturn on a certain day.

As a professional astrologer, I wanted to help you determine which astrology planner (of the ones I’ve personally used) is the one for you.

Let’s start with the first one I’ve ever used, Magic of I.

Magic of I

Magic of I Planner. White leather book with gold embossed design. The design is mystical with an eye and an astrological wheel.

I used this planner back in 2020 (maybe not the best year for a planner review?) and for the most part, I liked it.


  1. Stunning design - The art, the materials, every inch of every page…the attention to detail is ASTOUNDING! The most beautiful planner I think I’ve ever seen.
  2. Astrology Basics - There are several pages dedicated to teaching you the basics of astrology, especially the symbols. These pages are vital so that you know what all the symbols in the actual planner mean.
  3. Period Tracker - This is one of my favorite features of the planner. I love how they combine the moon with period tracking because it clearly shows you how you personally sync with the moon.


  1. Inaccuracies - In the 2020 issue (perhaps this isn’t the case now), I found some discrepancies between what the planner said and what my ephemeris said. They were minor but it did make me question the accuracy of everything else in the planner. [An ephemeris is a document that shows what degree every planet moves to each day. The data from an ephemeris is what makes creating an astrology planner possible.]
  2. Not beginner friendly - There is so much data in this planner that it’s kind of mind-numbing to figure out how to utilize it. If you’re in the beginning of your astrology journey, you might find many of the pieces of data irrelevant to you due to simply not knowing how it’s of use or how to interpret it.

Final Notes: This is a stellar product! They’ve been making this planner since 2018 and they pay attention to every little detail to continually make it better. I would recommend this planner to someone who is already familiar with the concept of astrological transits and already has an understanding of how to interpret them.

The second planner I’ve ever used was the Honeycomb Almanac.

Honeycomb Almanac

Three Honeycomb Almanacs. They are blue and glossy with a simple design.

Image courtesy of

I’ve purchased several of these almanacs and have gifted them to clients. They are my go-to for people who consider themselves astrologers or for those that the classification “astrology enthusiast” just doesn’t quite sum up how into astrology they are.


  1. Personalized - To order a Honeycomb almanac, you must enter your birth data because the planner will show you how the planetary transits of the year will interact with your personal chart. It will also include a rendering of your chart and you can choose to include a Solar Return chart.
  2. Customizable - There is no better time to get a Honeycomb almanac than right when you’re thinking about it because you get to choose what month it starts in and whether you want a 6 month or 12 month planner. For my more advanced astrology nerds, you can choose things like what house system it uses, whether or not you want Hellenistic features, and so much more.
  3. Clean design - While there is a ton of info in this almanac, the design is so simplified that it doesn’t feel overwhelming.


  1. Not the best, but not the worst for beginners - If you tend to be more technical, this could be a great starting point for you. It does provide some information about the astrology basics, but it doesn’t teach you about what you’re looking at.
  2. Aesthetic - The clean design is helpful and fresh, but you’re not buying this product for the artistry. This almanac is a tool and it looks as such. However, they have partnered with artists who create art for the pages that introduce a new month, so all is not lost when it comes to aesthetics. 

Final Notes: I simply love this planner. I love that it’s personalized, which truly helps you understand your own chart better. It’s great to know that the planets are moving and what that means collectively, but this almanac shows you that when a planet moves, it will activate a planet in YOUR chart.

The third planner I’ve used is the Soul Care Planner.

Soul Care Planner

Image courtesy of Soul Care Astrology.

This is a newer find for me but I’ve been very impressed with it so far. Calling it a planner is almost not enough because it feels like a journal, just as much as a planner.


  1. Beginner friendly - Just like Magic of I, this planner has many pages dedicated to teaching you the basics. However, this planner does not show you all of the transits that are happening every single day. It has one page per month that lists out what transits are happening but in the month and weekly views, it only shows the moon’s movement. This helps makes the actual planner aspect less overwhelming.
  2. Oriented towards inner work - There’s a plethora of journal prompts, opportunities to set goals, and plenty of suggestions for how to use that moment in time more efficiently for the energy of the moment. If you’re looking for a way to work with the moon as a guide back to yourself, this planner is it.
  3. It’s a functional planner - I found this particular astrology planner to be the most planner-forward. You can actually use this planner for…planning your day! Not that you can’t with the others mentioned, but this one actually provides all the space necessary to make your plans.


  1. Focuses on the moon - You’re not going to get too into the weeds with the movements of other planets with this planner. So if you’re looking to keep tabs on all the planets, this planner might not be the best fit for you.
  2. Emotionally challenging - It’s kind of exhausting doing inner work allll the time and this planner basically encourages you to be doing that. If that’s what you need right now, then great! But there are some months when it’s just too much to do all the recommended journaling.

Final Notes: This is a lovely planner that will help anyone connect with themselves through the movement of the moon. Plus, it’s a practical planner that looks like a mystical work of art.

Which one interests you the most?

After reading this, my hope for you is that you’ve now gleaned some insight into a few options that are out there, but you’ve also been able to narrow down what’s important to you in an astrological planner at this time in your life.

Is it aesthetics? Self-care? Data? Options? Space for planning?

Whatever it is that you are needing or wanting, the right astrological planner is out there.

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