Connection to...

self, others, and nature.

At our core, First House is a place for connection. We aim to bring transparency, integrity, and reputable products and services to all that come to our virtual doors.

A Universal Shift

At First House, we are seeing a Universal shift towards deep connection.

Our vision of First House’s role in this shift is to provide a space for exploring different perspectives and tools to connect with self and others; and to show people how to identify and move with the cycles of nature.

The personal development journey can be a lonely one filled with uncertainty and seemingly endless personal battles. First House is here to let you know that you are not alone and we are all ever evolving.

  • Andrea Richardson

    My purpose is to explore the concept of slow, seasonal living because I'm deeply interested in experiencing it. Beauty is all around us in nature, in simple things, in ideas, in ourselves. Rather than creating an aspirational lifestyle brand that only exists in the ether, I want my work to be inspiring, attainable, mindful, and nourishing, for myself and for others.

  • Alexandria Rollet Toomey

    My purpose is to show people how to love themselves and I’ll get to do that through First House with both products and services.

    My personal values are Courage, Inquiry, and Spirit.