Welcome to First House!

Hello hello, we're Andrea and Lexie, co-founders of First House and biz besties since 2019. If you're curious about our origin story, read on!

Towards the end of 2022, Lexie felt torn between her desire to continue with her coaching business and a new-found love of boutique retail, unsure which of these seemingly disparate options to pursue. Andrea was transitioning away from her business as a wedding florist, wanting to explore slow, seasonal living with a side of retail. Andrea felt that a deeper meaning was missing and wasn’t sure how to connect her desire to learn about social justice to her passion for foraging for flowers. 

At the beginning of 2023 as Lexie was talking about working in personal growth vs working in retail, Andrea had a light bulb moment and asked the question - what if it was both? What if retail had more intention and depth of spirit?

And thus, a human design/astrology life coach (Lexie) and an art major turned florist turned cottagecore nerd (Andrea) created a beautiful retail concept based on seasonal living. 

So what’s up with the name? Your First House in your astrological natal chart represents the Self. While you might start exploring astrology to learn more about yourself, you’ll quickly find that as you go around the natal chart wheel, the cosmos directs you to learn more about yourself through every facet of life. 

Like the natal chart wheel, you might come to First House to learn more about yourself, but the longer you stay here, the more you’ll find that we are here to support you in developing your full expression as a human who connects with other humans.

We’ve curated a collection of books to explore what it means to be connected to yourself and your community. After all, personal growth means we’re engaging in practices big and small to create a more liberated and equitable world.

And honestly, we’re curious! We’re all in the process of learning about our humanness, which we strive to do with both discernment and compassion. 

We’ve also created a collection of lovely art prints and sparkly jewelry and crystals. We delight in spreading beauty & happiness, and a little whimsy.

Our personal goals for First House and our own lives are nothing more and nothing less than this: 

  • Love well. 
  • Be a whole person. A person that is fully, truly alive, soaking up joy, feeling all the things that need to be felt, including the hard things. 
  • Cultivate and enjoy beauty every day. 

We’re so curious to hear what you’re seeking to cultivate in your life. Wanna do it together?

Come on in and slow down. You’re invited to cozy up with a lovely cup of tea, sit with a book and a journal, and come away feeling nourished and uplifted.

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