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Brick + Mortar

Rose Scented Candle

Rose Scented Candle

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Brick + Mortar's Words:

"Rose: A feeling that you always go back to, a stack of love letters, a quiet moment in front of the fire. This scent is made up of a warm mix of the fresh scent of rose with rich black pepper and smoke." 

Materials + Burn Time

These candles are made from soy wax that is blended with essential and fragrance oils that are phthalate free. 

Brick + Mortar uses lead free wicks that make for a clean and safe burning candle. They are hand poured into glass containers that are 3.5” in height and 3.06” in diameter and branded with our own label.

All of the materials used in the production of these candles are bought in the US and all of the people who make the candles are paid a living wage. 

These candles have a burn time of 48+ hours.

Why We Love This Brand

Brick + Mortar works with City of Refuge by offering jobs to the residents. City of Refuge supports their residents through transitioning out of crisis.

Brick + Mortar states,"For our jobs program we come alongside women from City of Refuge and hire and teach them how to pour and package our candles which will hopefully be a stepping stone into self sufficiency. Now, when you purchase our candles you can know that your money is going towards helping someone transition out of crisis and providing someone with the dignity of work.".

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