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Bella deLuna

Astrological Soul Care Book

Astrological Soul Care Book

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Astrological Soul Care walks you through the wheel of the year through the lens of the zodiac seasons. With guidance, journal prompts, affirmations, horoscopes, and more to help you align with the cosmos to forge a deeper connection to yourself.

You'll always know how to best align your energy to the cosmos as you move through your day, including:

  • In-depth overview of each zodiac season
  • Somatic, gemstone, and herb correspondences
  • Affirmations and journal prompts
  • Horoscopes for each zodiac sign
  • Rituals and routines to align with the stars
This is a 6" x 9" 104-page book.

Why We Love This Brand

Bella de Luna is exceptional at taking complex astrology information and distilling it into something digestible.

We love that this astrology brand focuses on using astrology for connecting with your "soul" and is oriented towards self-care.

Bella de Luna is also committed to eco-friendly packaging.

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