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Astrology Full Session

Astrology Full Session

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🌚 Sun sign, Big 3, Natal Chart, Retrograde, Saturn Return...what does all of this mean and how does it apply to me?! 

Astrology is an ancient area of study that can give people deep insight into who they are and a contextual understanding of the trajectory of their lives. 

🌚 Have you ever felt limited by your Sun sign?

Pop culture astrology can be both illuminating and stereotypical. The first thing to know is that from an astrological perspective (and a psychological one, too!), you are much more than your Sun sign. In this session, you'll get a refreshing look at how amazing it is to be your Sun sign, while also learn about the other energies you are working with on a regular basis.

🌚 Are you outwardly skeptical of astrology but secretly kind of intrigued by how it could benefit you?

Look, astrology isn't causal. Let's just get that out of the way. It's not an excuse to be an a-hole, nor is it a reason why you might feel disempowered. However, astrology does seem to show us correlations and signs, so through our understanding of these correlations, we can be better equipped to make positive change in our lives.

An Astrology session with Alexandria feels...








Alexandria will do everything in her power to show you what makes you special, while also show you how to work with your natural energy, as opposed to against it.

She is focused on making her assessments of your chart practical and usable. While we love a good inspirational sesh, it is also important to know how to act upon that inspo, instead of allowing it to fizzle out once the session is over.


- Astrology, and therefore this session, is not therapy and is not a replacement for therapy.

- Alexandria is not a psychic or fortune teller and therefore, this session is not a form of psychic work or fortune telling of any kind. 

In order to book this session, you will be prompted to acknowledge that you understand both of these distinctions.

Session Details // What to Expect

Duration: 60 Minutes

Location: You may choose either your home or Google Meet. I will travel up to a 10 mile radius from Webster Groves, Missouri.

Recording: We recommend recording the session, but First House is not responsible for the quality of the recording.

After you schedule: Once you have chosen your time and you have checked out, you will get a confirmation email with more information.

Prepping for the session: All you need to do to get ready for the session is have an open mind. If you prefer, you can have some questions ready so that we can make the most of our time together. We recommend coming to the session with the intent to have open dialogue, as opposed to trying to "test" your guide.

What is Astrology?

Astrology is the study of the movements of the planets and how those movements correlate with life on Earth.

It is an ancient study with origins dating as far back as the first century B.C.

In modern times, we use astrology as a way to empower ourselves to be more of ourselves.

Why We Love Astrology

Astrology can help give you a new understanding on life in such a way that it releases pressure and shows you that perhaps what you are experiencing isn't all in your head.

In contrast to Human Design, astrology can feel like a poetic representation of our day-to-day.

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