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Human Design Mini-Session

Human Design Mini-Session

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🌿 Have you ever wondered why your energy seems so different from those around you?

Maybe it seems like you can work circles around everyone you meet. Or maybe it seems like you have to rest more often than your counterparts. 

🌿 Have you ever wished that making decisions was easier and more clear?

The constant deliberation between options. The annoyance of no matter how much time you take to decide on something, it always seems like you choose wrong. Or the sinking feeling of "buyer's" remorse when you have to face the reality of your choice.

🌿 Have you ever thought, "I wish there was some easy thing out there that told me what I was good at."?

Perhaps if you just knew what your strengths were or what made you different from others, things in your life would feel more fulfilling. You could choose a career you actually like, you would know how to communicate with others, or you could just stop second-guessing yourself.

A Human Design Session can help with all of this and more...

Unlike astrology and most personality tests, Human Design gets down to the heart of your "how" questions in a practical way.

"How should I be making decisions?"

"How do I create the life that I want?"

"How do I create more connection in my life?"

"How should I use my voice?"

"How do I get more done?"

"How do people see me and what should I do with that?"

While you could follow the biggest influencers and motivators who teach and sell tools and methods to answer all of these questions, how are you supposed to know which tools and methods will work for you?

Human Design can give you up front answers that will then help you narrow your focus on which forms of advice and support would actually be relevant for you.


- Human Design, and therefore this session, is not therapy and is not a replacement for therapy.

- Human Design, and therefore this session, is not a form of psychic work or fortune telling of any kind. 

In order to book this session, you will be prompted to acknowledge that you understand both of these distinctions.

Session Details // What to Expect

Duration: 20 Minutes

Location: Google Meet or in-person markets.

Recording: We recommend recording the session, but First House is not responsible for the quality of the recording.

After you schedule: Once you have chosen your time and you have checked out, you will get a confirmation email with more information.

Prepping for the session: All you need to do to get ready for the session is have an open mind. If you prefer, you can have some questions ready so that we can make the most of our time together. We recommend coming to the session with the intent to have open dialogue, as opposed to trying to "test" your guide.

What is Human Design?

Human Design is a quantum system that was developed in the 80's, which is made up of several ancient systems.

It combines Astrology, the I Ching, the Kabbalah, the Chakra system, and genetics to create a synthesis of ancient and modern sciences.

Human Design refers to this synthesis as "The Science of Differentiation", which is the science of what makes each person different from another.

Human Design does not claim to be a belief system or the ultimate answer, but rather an experiment for people to opt in and out of.

The experiment can result in a person living the most aligned and fulfilling life that was always meant for them and them alone, as opposed to the life that society at large says that they "should" be living.

Why We Love Human Design

Human Design is incredibly practical. No matter your intellectual or spiritual background, Human Design can cut through the B.S. and get right into the core of a person.

Alexandria, your Human Design guide, started out as an Astrologer and still loves astrology to this day. But she will tell you, "Human Design was the piece that I didn't know I was missing."

Astrology can provide poetic context to life and set you along a path. But HD can tell you how to follow that path in the most efficient way for your energy.

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