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The Tarot Diagnosis

Tarot & Self-Discovery Book

Tarot & Self-Discovery Book

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If you’re a listener of The Tarot Diagnosis podcast, then you’re familiar with how host and psychotherapist Shannon Knight highlights the intersection of mental health and the practice of Tarot. Any one of us can pull a tarot card and find a way to relate it to our own experiences in life. This allows us to reflect on our internal world, our ways of thinking and behaving, and how these experiences can help us grow and develop.

Tarot & Self-Discovery is your personal guidebook to reach for when you need deeper self-reflection, questions rooted in psychological theory and practice, and a way to feel grounded in your tarot practice.

The spreads and exercises in this book are a compilation of some of Shannon’s favorite work. Some of these exercises and spreads have never been seen before. Plus, you’ll find the questions posed throughout this book make fantastic journaling and reflection questions even if you don’t have a deck on hand.

Author: Shannon Knight

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